Diner Might Edit

A rather simple mission. As the cut-scene showed you, the enemy worms are all
near explosive dynamite. Use this to your advantage by blowing up two barrels
at a time with a Shotgun. Since there are only four targets, this mission will
be over fast.

Sneaky Bridge Thieves inc.

Your objective for this mission is steal all the tools laying around on the bridge.

After you steal the first three, the enemy worms will all pop up.
Ignore them as best as you can, only taking potshots at them if you have leftover time after grabbing the tools.

There are eight saws to steal in total. Steal the first three which are all near each other.

The enemy will pop up at this time, ignore them as much as you can.

Continue forward past the worm but collect the Weapon Crate and Utility Crate along the way.

Place a Girder between the gap nearby. Hop over the gap and grab the two saw nearby.
Run up the plank and grab the Weapon Crate. Try to take a potshot at the
worker nearby. After you regain control, use Worm Select to switch back to the further worm. Go farther up the plank to grab a Parachute.

Parachute over and
grab the saw. Jump and parachute over to the next section. Be quick and grab the saw on the way and jump up to the last section.

Hurry and jump on the barrel to get the last saw, and the mission will be over.

Building Site Saboteurs

Grab the Crate in front of you and place a Dynamite near the Dozer. Use your retreat time to back off a bit.

Grab the nearby Crate and the other Crate down
the steps. Go to the ledge near the second Dozer. Double-jump to the boat and
place the Dynamite, go quickly to the corner and double jump back to the dock
towards the stairs up to the third Dozer. Place the last Dynamite near the
third Dozer and use your retreat time to get as close as you can to the
entrance of the nearby building. Two guards will pop up. Go inside the building and collect all the Crates.

Dispose of both guards however you want
but do it quickly. Once they're dead, the mission will be over.

The Crate Escape Edit

To get the bonus, you'll have to be quite fast. You'll have to do the entire
level in one turn. Just guide your worm to jump on all the barrels and up each
level until you get to the top, don't attack any worms on the way. When you
make it to the top, grab the Parachute and use it to go over to the Utility Crate on the board.

When you grab it, the mission will be over.

Destruct and Serve

This is the first mission that's a bit difficult to get the Bonus on. The
mission tells you blow up the building and then kill all the worms. I
recommend it the other way because when all the worms are dead, you get infinite turns plus the enemies won't waste your time.

A good trick to save time is this: Jetpack up to the rooftop of the building.

Place a stick of Dynamite halfway between the explosives and the Agent. If you did it right, the explosives should detonate and the worm should flying.

When he dies, he should explode and take out the explosive behind that tip, which will
also send a second worm to his death. A four-in-one kill (two Worms, two
Explosives) with one Dynamite really saves you a bit of time. Note that every
time you kill an Agent, a powerful Weapon Crate is dropped. Just deal with
all the Agents as best as you can, then use any weapons at your disposal to
get rid of the rest of the explosives (if you can't reach the explosives on
the top of the building, use a Bazooka to shoot them from below ). Once all
the Agents are dead and the Explosives detonated, the mission will be over.

Easter Egg Edit

"88 MPH" Easter Egg -

You may have noticed an out-of-place sports car on the left road (if you are
facing the building). That is actually the DeLorean from the "Back to the
Future" movie series. Destroy the car to see a short cut scene and unlock an
Easter Egg.

Each Easter Egg you unlock nets you a nice 1,000 coin bonus at the end of the

Storm the Castle Edit

In this mission, you must rid of all the enemies and collect the time machine
piece at the top. You have to do this in a timely fashion if you want to get
the Bonus. Stand near or on the archer and take out his friend on
the opposite tower with a Shotgun. If you are accurate enough, it should tumble him into the water.

Use your other shot on another worm. Now just take
out the remaining three worms however you want, but DON'T collect the Utility
Crate yet! After they are all dead, collect it and place a Girder seven
movements up (the maximum Double Jump Height) and jump on it, waste your turn with a Skip Go or whatever you want to.

Now a Wizard and some Knights will pop
up. Each turn, place a Girder higher (second should be another seven up and
the third can be five or six if you want) to the top and take out one Knight
with a Bazooka. When, you reach the top, place a Girder between the gap of the tower and the cage.

Take out the final Knight with the remaining time. After
the Wizard attacks, hop over to the last Girder and collect the piece, then
just use whatever you want to rid of the Wizard (Dynamite works well). Once
he's dead, the mission will be over.

The Windy Wizard

A rather simple mission. Just use your Bazooka to blast one of the four
Explosives. Then take out each Apprentice that comes to attack you. Once all
four parts have been destroyed, the Windy Wizard will show up. Use a few
Bazooka blasts to either kill him or knock him into the water.

Rob in the Hood
Rating: 4/10
Use a Jetpack to fly over to the worm on the shorter tower and grab the
Utility Crate. Place a stick of Dynamite near the worm and use your retreat
time to move somewhere safe, like a place on the opposite higher tower. Use
your next worm to Jetpack over and grab the Weapon Crate (note that the weapon
you get depends on which worm you kill, in this case, it will be a Homing
Missile). Blast the worm on the bridge with a Bazooka shot. Take out the final
worm however you want. The Rogue Wizard will now appear, try to take him out
as fast as you can, he has very powerful weapons in his arsenal and WILL use
them. On the floor of the battlegrounds, there are some Weapon Crates
containing powerful attacks. Use them in combination of your previous arsenal
and rid of the Rogue Wizard. Once he is dead, the mission is over.

Joust About It
Rating: 4/10
In this mission, you will have to kill three sets of three worms with three
different weapons each time. In the first set, you will have only Melee
attacks (Fire Punch, Prod, and Baseball Bat). Just use either a Punch or Bat
to kill each of the three worms for a simple set. The second set
involves "BnG" (Bazooka and Grenade) weapons (limited Bazooka, one Homing
Missile, and infinite Grenades). Use a Bazooka for the two worms on the lower
areas and take out the highest worm with a Homing Missile. The final set is
Long-Range weaponry (Shotgun, Poison Arrow, Sniper Rifle). Use a Poison Arrow
on each worm until all of them are poisoned (sometimes you can get two in one
shot). From there out, just use a Sniper Rifle or Shotgun to finish off the
worms. After all the worms are dead, all that's to do is collect the piece in
the booth from the Wizard. Once it's collected, the mission is over.

Nice to Siege You
Rating: 6/10
In this mission, you have to protect the Professor from dying for fifteen
minutes. The task is rather simple, beat back as many worms as you can as many
times as you can. Be on the lookout for the Catapult worms, you should try to
rid of them as quickly as possible. Can't really give you any help on this
mission, it just all depends on how you do it. Be careful though, by the end
of the mission, the worms seem to get a LOT more accurate at hitting the
Professor. Just kill worms for fifteen minutes and the mission will be over.
(The Time Bonus for this mission is sixteen minutes, so you can't really not
get it.)

"Hidden Room" Easter Egg -

You may or may not have noticed, but the land mass (I'll call it a mountain)
you begin on has a cave in the back. If you walk a worm to the entrance of the
cave, you'll see a short cut-scene of worm in Bunny Ears running off. After
the cut-scene, you'll unlock this Easter Egg.

Each Easter Egg you unlock nets you a nice 1,000 coin bonus at the end of the

Mine All Mine
Rating: 3/10
A decently easy mission, just set your Baseball bat to the maximum aim upwards
at hit a mine in the general direction of each target. For the final worm (the
highest up) just Jetpack up to the cliff and hit the barrel itself (the mine
for that part is hard to hit just right). After the last worm is gone, the
mission is over.

Ghost Hill Graveyard
Rating: 6 or 7/10
This can be a tough mission, so read and do exactly what I say. First off,
grab the first nugget, jump up the ledge and Bazooka this zombie worm. Next,
go grab the second nugget, and use a Holy Hand Grenade (total downwards
aiming) and kill BOTH of the worms here in one shot (it's hard to get right,
but possible). Grab the third nugget, and use as precise aiming as you can to
try to knock all three worms into the water. (If you don't know how to get
back up, go to the right-hand side and follow the beach around.) Before you
grab the final nugget, I highly recommend blasting each tombstone away with
the Bazooka. Grab the nugget and try to sink each worm with a good Bazooka
shot. (Note that sometimes your enemy will Skip Go if you are in that little
hole with the orange-ish coffin.) Once all of the worms are dead, the mission
is over.

Tin Can Wally
Rating: 3 or 4/10
EVERY target on your side can be taken out with the Shotgun (including that
last far target), so just pop two targets a turn and win. Afterwards, use your
retreat time to move to an obstacle so your opponent will Skip Go. Use the
same method of Shotgun firing to take out two targets at a time. After they
are all dead, a nugget will appear. Grab it, and the mission is over.

"Shoot the Crapper" Easter Egg (Yes, that is the name of it) -

Behind your starting position is a toilet in an outhouse, shoot it to unleash
a poisonous cloud as well as unlocking this Easter Egg!

Each Easter Egg you unlock nets you a nice 1,000 coin bonus at the end of the

Doom Canyon
Rating: 6/10
This one is kind of tough to get the Bonus, on every turn, you MUST hit a worm
into the water (or very near the edge of the rising water). Okay, to start it
off, run up to pedestal after the ledge up. From here, blast the worm on the
branches behind you into the water. Place a Girder between the pedestal and
the canyon ledge in front of you. Hop up to the canyon and go behind the rock
structure there. Use a Bazooka on the structure near the middle to send the
worm flying. Cross the bridge and lay a Dynamite on the right side (if you
were facing him from where you came) near the worm that has a worm to the left
(below) of him. Blast the ledge where the worm below you is to send him
flying. Now just go towards the last worm, place a Girder across the gap, and
lay a Dynamite next to him (where is dependant on how close he is to which
ledge) to send him flying. When he sinks, the tough (to get the Bonus) mission
is over.

High Noon Hijnix
Rating: 5 or 6/10
Nothing I can really say about this one much, it's like the Deathmatch on the
same map. For the first part, just place a Girder between the two buildings,
climb to the next Girder, fall down to the rooftop, crawl to the water tower,
grab the Parachute, hop down with it and land behind the fence, and grab the
Dynamite Crate (this can all be done in one turn). Then just use the Dynamite
on the gate and go fight Deathmatch style. The only hint I can give is to make
good use of your infinite Dynamite in this mission. The Air Strikes, if
targeted properly, can really help knock worms into the water. Good luck, just
use the powerful weapons to the best of your extent to kill all the worms.
When they are all dead, the mission is over.

Turkish Delights
Rating: 4/10
Just use the Baseball Bat on each worm at 135 degrees (the line between
totally vertical and totally horizontal) to bag each worm. The closest should
only require one hit, the middle distance one requires two, and the last far
away worm should only take three hits if you do it right. When they are all
captured, the mission is over.

No Room for Error
Rating: 2/10
An easy mission, just kill a worm a turn (if you are good aim, you can get two
with one Shotgun) and you'll win the Bonus. When they are all dead, the
mission is over.

Carpet Capers
Rating: 2/10
A very easy mission, the Bonus is also VERY easily attained. You can easily
kill ALL of the worms in about half the time of the Bonus. Since all the worms
have fifty health, a well placed Bazooka shot will either knock them into the
water or kill them. When they are all dead, the mission is over.

"Hidden Crate" Easter Egg -

A weirdly named Easter Egg (it's called the Hidden Crate Egg, but you collect
Jewels, I think they changed it along the way without fixing it completely).
See the enemy worm named "Egg" (VERY subtle clue to an Easter Egg)? Yeah, he
is on top of a tower. There is a hole in the bottom of the tower (or you can
make one yourself, if you wish). On the bottom, there are jewels. Now, for
some strange reason (I think a programming error), if you collect them, you
may not actually get the Easter Egg, it may simply show the cut-scene
saying: "Kill all the enemies." again. I've tried a few methods, but the only
method of getting the Egg unlocked (for me) was this: You had to collect all
nine Weapons Crates lingering around the level BEFORE collecting the jewels.
After collecting the nine crates, collecting those jewels SHOULD say you found
an Easter Egg and unlock it.

Each Easter Egg you unlock nets you a nice 1,000 coin bonus at the end of the

Traitorous Waters
Rating: 2/10
Another relatively easy mission. You'll notice that the cannons that are about
to fire all have flaming fuses. Take out each flaming fuse cannon to make
there be virtually no time loss in between turns. If you take out each cannon
appropriately and accurately, you should finish around half the acceptable
time. Once each cannon is destroyed, the mission is over.

Gibbon Take
Rating: 3/10
An easy-ish mission. Just use your navigation skills with jumps, the Ninja
Rope, the Jetpack, and the Icarus Potion to get around. If you've had
experience with all of those, you shouldn't have any problems getting the
Bonus. Once you collect the final jewels near Ali Baboon, the mission is over.

Fast Food Dino
Rating: 2/10
Use your (by now hopefully) honed Jet Pack skills to quickly collect all the
vegetables. Once the final one is collected, the mission is over.

Escape from Tree-Rex
Rating: 4/10
Use your Icarus Potion, Bazooka, Baseball Bat, Parachute, and Jet Pack skills
to get through this mission. It's not really hard, you just have to be quick.
Once you reach the cave, the mission is over.

"Feed the T. Rex" Easter Egg -

Shoot a Bazooka shot into the Tyrannosaurus Rex's mouth. Soon as you do, you
unlock this Easter Egg.

Each Easter Egg you unlock nets you a nice 1,000 coin bonus at the end of the
mission. And if you've been following this guide all along, this should've
been the last one.

Chute to Victory

Rating: 4/10
Use your Retreat Time, Parachute, and quick movement skills to cross the river
in safety. You should try to take out each worm in your path with the weapon
available; it makes crossing much easier. Once you land on the pad, the
mission is over.

The Land That Worms Forgot
Rating: 4/10
Now, in which order you want to do it up to you, but here are some tips on how
to kill the worms the most efficiently. Dynamite the worm near the Bovine
Blitz crate. Baseball Bat the worm near the Concrete Donkey crate. Bovine
Blitz (when the wind is low, this weapon is a bit hard to aim well) the worm
on the bridge and the worm on the island (near the volcano). It takes some
good aiming, but it is possible to kill them both. Super Sheep the worm on the
Pterodactyl. Concrete Donkey the worms near the Health Crate. Hopefully, the
Donkey should kill or severely harm both worms. Now, just use some well placed
Shotgun shots should mop up the remaining worms (Use one shot to take out the
worm near the Concrete Donkey victims with a good aim to knock him into the
water.). Now, just go to the final island (you can cross the bridge using the
rope supports if you blew the main bridge up) and place a Girder between the
gap of the rock pile and the volcano island. Now, just cross the Girder and
reach your fellow team-mate. Once you reach him (and killed all the previous
worms), the mission is over.

Valley of the Dinoworms
Rating: 5/10
Now, however you want to kill the worms is up to you, but I'll give you a few
hints. 1. Set up the Sentry Gun in the clearing just in front of you between
the two worms. This will aid GREATLY in finishing off low-health worms. 2. Use
the Concrete Donkey on the worm standing on the middle of the bone support.
Doing so will kill two worms in one shot. 3. Use Dynamite (or the Holy Hand
Grenade) to knock worms into the path of the Sentry Gun to finish them off
completely. 4. The less worms you have at the end of the fight, the better,
because you'll be faster building your "bridge". After all the worms are
eliminated, just grab the Utility Crates and head over to the spit of land
furthest into the water. From there, just head each worm to the area and place
enough Girders to cross (should be three-four) the gap. As soon as a worm
steps close enough on the island, the mission will be over!

Congratulations! You are now a champion at Worms 4: Mayhem!